Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 40: Disappointment by Em

I was going to start a business making baby carriers. You can click on the link there to see them! It is my opinion that it would be a very poor business decision to go forward without product liability insurance (even though I'm certain not every mei tai maker has insurance). I talked to fifteen insurance agents. Fifteen! Most of them were "sorry, can't help ya." The couple that were able to get coverage for me had premiums that were prohibitively expensive. Le sigh. I will not be starting a business (at least not one making baby carriers). This is one of the pages with my list of insurance agents. The x's were to the left were written as I reached a dead-end with each agent.


  1. Wow, that stinks. Those are really cool. I guess selling them "as-is" and accepting no liability wouldn't really help sales.

  2. Even if I established as an LLC (which I had planned to) AND had every customer sign a waiver, they could still sue me if they dropped their baby while using my product. This is a litgious society, and some people will not accept accountability for their actions. Something goes wrong, they look for someone to blame. Of course, negligence on my part would have to be proven (unlikely to happen) and even if I lost a suit, an LLC would mean that only my company's assests could be taken, but I'm still on the hook for lawyer fees. I just can't take that risk.