Saturday, October 31, 2009

91: Haunted by CC

There was a strange feeling at the Halloween Party/Show tonight that kept HAUNTING me. It was the absence of Missy!!! So for Missy I put up a picture I took of CATBLATCH as Bono.

Day 91: Haunted by Missy


these two jacks are protecting our house tonight from anything haunted that may want in...

Day 90: Torment by Missy


got this yesterday before i was tormented with a fever of 103.6... couldn't post til now...
anyway, my idea was 'tormented souls'...
(i hope that's not insensitive...)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 90: Torment by CC

I torment myself constantly about the state of my house. I have to have things clean at all times. J thinks I am sick. I can't stand a messy kitchen and lately I've been so busy its been hard to keep up with my standards. Here's the sink and kitchen after a good scrub.

Day 89: Trap by Krest

Random Ancient Mayan Monoliths
well it seems safe.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 89: Trap by Missy


i done gone and set myself a trap with a stick and some string, a box and a peanut butter cracker...
gonna catch me a groundhog!!

Day 89: Trap by CC

In our house, the word "trap" cannot be said with out an Ackbar impression. He seems to like the toaster around here.

Day 88: Bug by Krest

yes, it is as scary as it looks

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 88: Bug by Taylor

This is what I get woken up by and to every day around 4 am. Sure, its cute now, but thats because its 10:35pm and we're still awake.

Day 88: Bug by Missy


why does the cricket now look to me like the scariest bug ever!?

Day 88: Bug by CC

This guy really bugs me. I have been letting him live between my window and screen for about a month now. I have this thing about killing spiders and I keep trying to convince myself that he is keeping the flies out. I wish he would move.

Day 87: Target by Missy


i feel like this is sucha cop-out, but we had a rough evening & this is the best that i could do...
these are halloween decorations i bought from target two years ago...
they still scream and light up!
that target...
quality stuff!?!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 87: Target by Taylor

He's not Gold 5, but thats probably what kept him alive, amongst other things. One thing is for certain, Biggs always stays on target, always.

Whats more surprising is that I have a rediculous amount of these guys (though not as many as J I'm sure) and I've only ever opened one of them up until now. Crazy

Two other bits real quick - 1) November list is live to add to if you are currently a contributor. Apologies on its delay, but get some good fun stuff in there for the month. 2) If you are interested in seeing wedding photos as taken by our friend and photographer KC Ferrill, make sure to check out Together Without A Map for direct links to the online gallery

Day 87: Target by cc

There is no doubt that my family shops at Target too much. I messed with my camera and a Target bag.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 86: Knot by CC

There is nothing worse than knotted doll hair. And that is all you get with a 2 year old.

Day 86: Knot by Missy


i love that the 'butterfly knot' looks so much like a heart...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 85: Rage by Becca

Mike, full of rage as he prepares to host a murder mystery...I'm just glad he didn't totally get into character on this one.

Day 85: Rage by Missy


What is a Rage Zombie?
First off, Rage Zombies are not really Zombies at all. They are infected Humans & they are killed the same way a Human is. They are also tethered to life by the same things we Humans are. They can't breath underwater or survive without drinking it. They don't require a head-shot to kill either. You really just have to shoot them in a place that a regular person would die. They also show signs of the ability to think clearly and make informed decisions. They usually attack and roam in groups. They are also very quick and agile compared to their cousin, the Classic Zombie. Instead of ingesting brains or flesh to survive their single goal is to attack other uninfected humans & in the process turn them into a Rage Zombie...

(we hosted a kid's zombie party at our house today.......)

DAY 85: Rage by CC


Day 84: Pyramid by Missy


after an intense game of 'mexican train' tonight, i thought perhaps we could make a pyramid-like structure outta dominoes... it proved to be harder than i thought it would be...
my brother in law, shawn, is a math teacher... he pulled out the paper and his pencil and began to formulate some possibilities for me..............

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 84: Pyramid by CC

I have always loved the pyramids, however I am much more curious about those lying beneath them. I tried to imagine I was going into a tomb. I made sure to bring my bird with me...

Day 83: Night by Missy


i spent a late night here with the tagmire's watching a crazy house fire almost two years ago...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 83: Night by CC

We went to a wedding tonight at a country club. The wedding was great and I took my picture on the golf course. It was very dark and a little rainy. I think I got some ghosts in my picture.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 82: Sick by J.

Whenever I'm sick I always get this weird thought in my head. I try to remember what it felt like to not be sick, but I can't ever remember. It's super Karl Pilkington-ish, but it happens every time.

Larger version.

Day 82: Sick by Taylor

Hot Apple Pie Shots:
- 1 part vodka
- 1 part apple juice
- dash of cinnamon
- spray of whipped cream

mix in mouth while looking up. once everything is in, close mouth and look straight ahead. end result will taste just like hot apple pie.

One of my first drinking experiences, makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. Still can't drink or smell vodka to this day because of this experience.

Day 82: Sick, by Jasmine

These glasses remind me of sick on a number of levels: first, they are years old and I am filthy, so they're gross; second, the prescription is old and there are scratches on it, so I get headaches; third, when I have headaches or stuffy nose, the weight of them is far too heavy to handle. Like right now, I want to take them off of my little face and smash them for being so annoying.


Day 82: Sick by Missy


i thought i had such a good idea for this theme (LOVE SICK... hearts like chicken pox), but it proved harder for me to get the shot i wanted...

so here's the scene... me, in my basement with the camera carefully propped up (cause i don't have a tripod), acting my heart out trying to achieve a truly vomitrocious look, when, without me knowing, since my eyes were closed & i was SO deep in character (as you can see), the cat happened to saunter by right at the exact moment the picture is taken... i had no idea until i uploaded the lot.......

there was no choice... i HAD to choose this one...

Day 82: Sick by CC

I am so glad I have not been sick yet this school year. (Knock on Wood) Here is my brother after telling him to make his best sick face. I certainly feel sick now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 81: Striped by J.

I had to wait until the Phillies game was over to post my picture. I didn't want an entire superstitious city to come after me for posting a picture of 2 inches of a Philly Phanatic doll, and therefore ruining the game.. and potentially the series. Even as I was taking the picture, I was getting nervous because the Dodgers had the bases loaded and it was somehow my fault. They flipped cars around here when they won the World Series. I don't want to know what happens if they lose.

Larger version.

Day 81: Striped by Taylor

A long time ago, the Blue Ridge Parkway had an entire wooden fence system that went all over. its posts were made from American mountain ash, or so I'm told. My old boss used to work as a ranger there, and one day suddenly acquired a bunch of old fence posts when the park decided that it didn't need a wooden fence anymore. Over the years, he would carve things out of the food for people. As a final farewell to me when I left the job, he had given me a candle holder made out of one of the remaining pieces of wood that he had from the fenceposts. This is a downward shot of the candle holder where one would put the candle.

I also thought about posting this picture of our own little Norgenchewer, but thought better of it. guess we'll see how that pans out come Lowemannzeit.

Day 81: Striped, by Jasmine

Striped Oreo things!

Day 81: Striped by CC

When I think stripes, I think fun! Here is one of Elle's toys with a striped center. It's fun.

Day 81: Striped by Missy


i'm trying something here... not sure if i'm achieving it, cause really, i don't know what i'm doing... i took 149 pics of sunflower seeds trying different things out with my camera and in various lights...
what matters (to me) is that this is a completely unaltered photo...
(i did set my camera to the b&w setting... does that still count as unaltered?)

i thought of sunflower seeds and their striped shells when i found out the other night that sometimes when baseball players spit, occasionally that spittle includes seeds?!? who knew??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 80: Half by J.

I really miss getting new Mighty Muggs. The line pretty much fizzled away earlier this year. This was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive from a few years ago.

Also just caught up on photos from the last few days. Took all of the photos on time, just didn't post.

Larger version.

Day 80: Half, by Jasmine

'Bout half my face.


Day 80: Half by CC

I really wanted to take a picture of the Body Worlds Exhibit I went to tonight. There were tons of organs cut in half. You weren't allowed to take pictures, so I am going with my original idea. I wake up every morning and tell myself that it is going to be a "half glass full" kind of day. I never want to see this as a glass half empty.

Day 80: Half by Missy


the miserable half of me...

Day 80: Half by Kate

Well my friends I have good news and bad news. Good news I now have time to work on our photoblog; bad news I got laid off. So here is today's offering 1/2 of the Goffstown bridge.

Day 79: Pumpkin by Taylor

There is a kindergarten classroom outside my office door, this is the latest edition to the ceiling art gallery.

Will have Half up later today, but by the looks of things, it seems Team New Jersey has taken the lead of late. Team New England and Team Australia, where you at?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 79: Pumpkin by J.

Picked up these Mellocreme Pumpkins while grocery shopping. They are so damn good. I keep grabbing 4 or 5 at a time, then going back for more.

Larger version.

Day 79: Pumpkin, by Jasmine

This pumpkin decoration has been sitting on the floor since before last Halloween. That's right: we bought it for last Halloween, and never put it in the window.

Day 79: Pumpkin by CC

I always thought I was being deprived of the best pumpkin ever when my mother wouldn't buy me one of the pre-painted ones at the grocery store. She would always say they are gross. Now that I am older, I agree they are pretty stupid. However, I do think the pig one is pretty sweet.

Day 79: Pumpkin by Missy


for halloween i decorate our house with pumpkins, gourds and big black crows... everyone always says that the crows are creepier than devils, gravestones & decapitated scarecrows...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 78: Party by J.

We had a little party for the release of my new card game. It kind of snuck up on us so at the the last minute, we picked up some goodie bags and balloons. Balloons always mean there's a party around.

Larger version.

Day 78: Party by Taylor

Copout by taking a photo of a photo? Yes, but some of the best parts that come out of parties are the memories that go along with them. Our wedding had a lot of memories for a lot of folks, including us. Between having the wedding at our old camp/outdoor center, good music, good food, good drink, great friends and family, caving under my old house, archery, boating, and ultimate frisbee, it really couldn't have been any better of a party.

Should have a full rundown of stuff on our website sometime soon, in the meantime, there is video of the ceremony there if you like.

Day 78: Party by CC

In my family, where there's a duck, there's a party.

Day 78: Party by Missy


(it's nice when your vision becomes a reality... that's what happened with today's shot!)

Day 78: Party, by Jasmine

It's always a party when the cats and I are here! (Jack is burrowed in the ivory-colored blanket.)

Day 77: Shirt, by Jasmine

For those of you who read my blog, you already know that I love Josh Groban, and Josh Groban loves plaid. You'll also know that I've forgone wearing plaid because I think I look like a man when wearing it. But I saw this plaid shirt at Target and just went ahead and bought it. I don't look like a man at all, do I?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 77: Shirt by Taylor

Becca and I met and worked at an outdoor center for about 3 years, and had a huge impact on our lives and has a pretty special meaning to both of us, right down to the fact that it is also where we got married. In addition to the joy, every season that we worked there, we would also get a new staff shirt complete with inspirational quote on the back. Friends of ours who we worked with collaborated from around the world to make a t-shirt quilt for us as a wedding gift, most of which was made out of said shirts. It is really a great looking quilt and will most likely be covered in cat hair before the end of the weekend (we just got it back to the house this morning)