Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 30: Carve by Becca

This is a candle holder that Mike's boss gave him when he left Bradford Woods in 2004 (and the location of which we are getting married in less than 5 weeks!) It is made from a fence post originally from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia...near the Appalachian Trail. I have always admired people who can carve is a beautiful art.

Day 30: Carve by Taylor

When I was driving home from work today, I was thinking that I would show off this sweet bear I carved out of a bar of soap about 5 years ago when I worked for the Boy Scouts that was still sitting in the glove box in my truck. And then I found it and realized that its not as sweet as I thought it was (from the front anyways, it does have a sweet behind)

So then I busted out some stamps I made a few years back for letterboxing that never made it to a location, and just ended up living under my desk in a box. This one is of the Swedish Chef, but you know that, because you know Bill from Pawtucket. It was carved by hand using an exacto knife and using some Steadler carving material (think oversized white eraser). I wanted to show off my topless princess leia playing guitar hero stamp made for a NWWBW challenge, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. you can see the printed version here though if you like. NOTE - the nipples are true and they will entice you.

Day 30: Carve by Em

This one was hard for me. If it were winter, I might have found a ski hill and photographed a skier carving her way down the mountain. It's not winter. And there are neither skiers nor snow to carve to be found. So, I thought I would go up to campus and find a picnic table that someone had carved into. High schoolers do that, right? Well, apparently not. Every picnic table I came across was in pristine condition. Hmmm ... How about the artist who carved her name into the bottom of my favorite coffee mug ... it's really more etched than carved, though. Then I remembered that we have this. Have you seen these? They are made by a company called "Willow Tree." Little figures carved out of wood. Willow wood? I don't know.

Day 30: Carve by Kate

So really I am not dead... I have re-rediscovered my athleticism and so I have been working out a lot, between that and work I have been away from the computer. To the point where a few days I took pics but didn't manage to upload them. Again parallel universe, time is different here :P
Anywho, on to Carve. This is my favorite carving set; the handles are made of deer antlers... mmmm meat!

Day 30: Carve by J.

I instantly thought of big chunks of meat, but we don't really have any in our refrigerator. We did have a tomato though.

Larger version.

Day 30: Carve by Nick

Took some liberties with the theme though I do carve my face up pretty good when I shave. Having coarse hair is one of the perils of a Czech heritage.

Day 30: Carve by CC


I get really mad when kids carve their names into my desks.  I would have never carved my name on a desk.  I am weird about destroying other people's property.  However, I did take this wood off of J's desk.

Day 30: Carve by Missy


i carved a heart into some wood... with a key...
something so romantic & old-fashioned about the act of carving initials into a tree... it seems rare these days, but i always love seeing it...

Day 29: Coffee by H

I do not drink coffee, but for years I trained in Ninjukai Taijitsu, and my dojo was directly next door to a company that sold and repaired expresso machines. I LOVE the smell of coffee. To this day it the smell of it gets my body ready for action. I've since moved far away from the state the dojo was in, but I guess the smell conditioning means that I'll be ready if I ever need to disarm a barista and throw them across a room.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 29: Coffee by Taylor

Fittingly, I'm extremely tired right now and can't really think too well, and could probably benefit from some coffee right now. I'm not overly happy with this one, as this was one of those themes that I've known about since the beginning and was excited about and had some ideas for it, and then the big day arrives, and...nothing. never got around to doing the original idea, and this one seemed alright.

Also, FYI, September themes are loaded into the calendar, so the "upcoming themes" section is fully stocked. I will post a pdf of the themes tomorrow, but if you are jonesing to know what is coming, you can check out the official ASAOTC Google calendar.

Day 29: Coffee by Em

These are coffee beans. Mmmmmm ... they come to us every month from New England, Vermont specifically. When J and I moved to Virginia and went to the grocery store, we were very, very disappointed in our coffee selection. Since we had found deliciousness of the coffee variety when we lived in New England, we figured "Why not just buy the good stuff?" Why not indeed.

The scruffy looks comes from clipping my photo to a mask of that shape.

Day 29: Coffee by Missy


my husband drinks the coffee around here... he uses a grinder for his beans and a porcelain funnel for brewing...

Day 29: Coffee by CC


I don't drink coffee.  If I did this seems to be the coffee hot spot!  (All the police and important people in town are there at all times.)

Day 29: Coffee by J.

Here's a coffee machine duel. Shot from the point of view of one of the coffee machines. This one is sizing up his opponent. His vision is a little poor though.

Larger version.

Day 29: Coffee by Becca

This weekend we attended a reception in Rockport, MA. It was beautiful! We stayed at a little B&B called Pleasant Street Inn. Though we were not there for long, we had a nice time! Here is a picture of their coffee bar.

Coffee by Suzanne

nom nom nom.

Day 29: Coffee by Luke

Hey I'm starting us up again. I'm back in the game, baby.

I don't have coffee often so when I do it gives me a buzz. And today was a great excuse:


Day 28: Girl by H

This is a photo of a girl. Her name is Annabelle. She is not a junior Tuskan Raider, a child-sized reconnaissance android or the results of a secret government Supermutant-that-looks-like-a-little-girl project. (I'm 90% certain.)

Girl by Suzanne

Meet the seven year old me, a compulsive liar and a failure of a ballerina. I hated ballet, and it wasn't just hard. It was nightmarish. Also I did not have lime green pointe shoes or a purple and red tutu. I might have tried harder if I had.

Day 28: Girl by J.

Today was board game day again, so there weren't any girls anywhere nearby. But we do have an amazing painting of a girl in our living room. This is my favorite painting ever (even more than the smoking cat wearing a hat).

Larger version.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 28: Girl by Luke

Okay so I missed nearly a week of these due to working full time at work and full time after work on the show. Going to try to get back into this as much as I can though, especially with all the great themes coming up for September.

Here is 24-year-old (I think?) actor Arielle playing 10-year-old rogue scout Lennie Lenape in the upcoming Nobody Cares But You. Look how I relentlessly plug it to a group of people who can't even see it. TENACITY.

Day 28: Girl by Em

Nothing says "girl" more than a pink bow! This is a friend of ours. I would love to put a pink bow in my own daughter's hair, but ... at 15 months, she doesn't have enough hair for a bow.

Day 28: Girl By CC


Elle (which means girl) is not always a girly girl.  She is the perfect mix.  She likes to collect Dunnys and action figures with her dad, but sometimes she likes the gooey girly stuff.  This picture represents the "girl" part of Elle.

Day 28: Girl by Taylor

We are in Rockport MA this weekend attending a wedding, and are staying in a bed and breakfast in the pouring rain....yup. This is Becca by the way, putting on makeup.

Day 28: Girl by Missy


i was thinking about things that girls can do but boys can't... and even though i think i may have seen somewhere in the news that a dude had a baby, they can't... by traditional means, anyway.
i asked my sister-in-law, nicole (right), if she would pose for me in all her knocked up glory, & of course, she said yes!
how lucky was i that, not only was her friend, janine, who is also preggers, there, but that both were in their bathing suits heading for the beach!!? thanks, girls!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 27: Block by Becca

I'm not really a big fan of ice.

I like my drinks cold, but not ice cold (except maybe for beer, but not with ice, never...maybe just around the outside of the container). It creates all this condensation on the glass and just gets everything wet.

I'm not a big fan of winter either, ice everywhere!! Being cold,no sunlight at 4:30 pm, driving in bad weather, and that its just so darn long!!

Day 27: Block by H

In 1941 my grandfather was undertaking practical tests to become an aircraft mechanic in the Royal Australian Air Force. One of them was to measure, cut and file down a steel block that fit perfectly within another steel block. He passed. (He also gets an A+ in Hanging on To Things for 68 Years)

Day 27: Block by J.

More from the block figure project I've been working on. These are tests of the 4.5" versions, which are twice the normal size. Once September/October comes I should have enough money to really go forward with a short, short run.. unless I win the Mega Millions tonight. 1 hour and 10 minutes until they pull my numbers.

Larger version.

Day 27: Block by Em

I had this really great idea for "block." We live at a boarding school where my husband teaches and our house happens to be right behind the football stadium where the players are here and have been practicing every day. Twice a day. I was sure I could get some good photos of football players "blocking." Of course, today would be the "recovery day" where they only had morning practice and no blocking. Boo. So, you get Sierra's actual blocks. They are squishy. And they squeak.

Day 27: Block by CC


Day 27: Block by Missy


ok. i'm not sure if anyone is seeing the audio i embedded to go along with this shot so that it makes sense...
the girls are painting the fence the way mr. miyagi taught daniel-san to paint the fence... well, starla's giving it her all at least... iris on the other hand, mmm, not so much...
wax on, wax off, paint the house, paint the fence, were all part of miyagi's way of teaching 'blocks' in karate...
too obscure?!?


Day 26: Book by Taylor

The last two days have been pretty non-stop for me, with a 15 hour day followed by an early AM 11 hour day, leaving me pretty much wiped from doing anything productive aside from incoherently yelling and drinking beer. nothing new I guess, but its a lot harder when your tired. Anyways, great book with one of our first wedding gifts - the crowbar.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 26: Book by Becca

Day 26: Book by H

This is my father. He is a professional gentleman with lots of books. And he can make you do things WITH HIS MIND.

Day 26: Book by Nikki

Annabelle disapproves strongly of the textbook for my next class, which starts on Monday August 31st. "WTF," her face seems to say. "This book is crap!"

Day 26: Book by J.

The person who used to own this book is awesome.

Larger version.

Day 26: Book by CC


I read all my books on my Sony Reader. I have about 25 books on there now. I am usually reading in the dark, so I had to buy this book light. Here is one of my books. (I think it is a Sookie Stackhouse book...Missy!)

Day 26: Book by Em

We have to pick up the books from our office floor at least four times a day. Why? Because we live with a tiny destructo-demon called "Hurricane Sierra." We seem to have taught her only to empty the shelf of her books on the floor, but that only works sometimes.

In this photo, the look on her face says, "It's not what it looks like. I can explain."

Day 26: Book by Missy


books. if you would've talked to any one of my friends this time last year, one of the things they would have told you about me is that i'm NOT a reader... i didn't do books. i can read... i just never really chose to do it in my free time... that is until the movie 'twilight'... the day after the movie opened i went and bought the book and finished it in less than a week, just in time to see the film a second time in less than a week... i've read the twilight series and am about 100 pages from completing the sookie stackhouse series, well, until the new one comes out next year. i've always enjoyed poetry... this is a shot from one of my fav pablo neruda poems... whatever i put my hand to, whatever i read, i'm completely INTO it... that's what i was going for here with this photo...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 25: Fy by H

Always amazed by what can be found flying around in my mother's back garden.

Day 25: Fly by CC


Right now I am trying to get a lot of things accomplished including redecorating my daughter's room. When do I think I am going to get this all accomplished....when PIGS FLY!!

Day 25: Fly by J.

Lando stole a better skiff.

Larger version.

Day 25: Fly by Em

Pssssst! ... Your fly is down!

Day 25: Fly by Missy


things with wings & flight are both sorta romantic obsessions of mine... so i knew for todays theme i wanted to head out into nature to photograph those creatures born to fly. i took some shots this morning of a tigertail butterfly, but they came out a bit soft... i was out in the garden this afternoon looking for my butterfly, when, WHOA?! CRAZY GREEN BUG WITH WINGS!!??! i believe this gold pixie dusted mystic was sent just for me! i took his picture til he flew off... what a treat.

"The reason birds (& some bugs!) can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings." ~J.M.Barrie

Day 24: Plane by Em

When is the floor a plane?

plane1  /ple…™n/ [pleyn] noun, adjective, verb, planed, plan⋅ing.
–noun 1. a flat or level surface.

So, there you have it, the floor is the plane.

Day 24: Plane by H

This is a plane. Not a car. I mean it was a car but the gull doors and a pop-up spoiler mean that it no has the power of flight. No really. Would Matt Tracker lie?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 24: Plane by Becca

In 2002-2004 I worked at an outdoor center in central Indiana. I absolutely loved living and working there. During the summer we had 10 weeks of camp working with kids and adults with various types of chronic conditions.

Camp Little Red Door was one of the camps...and a lot of fun! It is for kids with cancer, in remission from cancer and their siblings. One year the theme was geared around a contest with balsa wood airplanes...this was our camp shirt for 2004. Elwyn decided to pose with the shirt.

Day 24: Plane by Taylor

Home Depot is a wonderful place full of things that I don't think I will ever need, but could find some amazing uses for. Like the nail guns, so many uses, none of them practical. Anyways, this is a plane.

Day 24: Plane by J.

I sat outside waiting for planes tonight. They fly by our house just about every minute or two at dinnertime. It was rush hour on land as well, and I was right out on the main street. Nobody yelled anything at me, but I got a lot of looks.

I also took a picture of the moon and there was a little tiny plane in front of it that must have been taking off. With a better lens, I could have had a really cool picture.

Larger version.