Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 31: Introduction by H

Hi all, pleased to meet you. The H stands for Heath. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my life-partner/muse/proof-reader Lizbt. I ended up on this blog through Luke, with whom I attended university back in the late 90's, performing in a couple of his shows. Also we were once in the same show - I think he played an Irish priest and I was an innkeeper from the West Country. Is that right, Luke? (It was the 17th century, I forget details.)
I am an actor, director, and more recently an unpublished novelist. Occasionally I even get paid. I also do and have done all manner of other jobs for money. These have ranged from quite enjoyable - like tour guide, usher, box office - to the craptacular - like I once spent a day emptying shipping containers in 40 degree heat. (That's 109 fahrenheit for those in the US.) I am not yet 30, but it looms uncomfortably close.I've really been enjoying contributing to this blog. Also - I really like chillies.

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