Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 30: Carve by Em

This one was hard for me. If it were winter, I might have found a ski hill and photographed a skier carving her way down the mountain. It's not winter. And there are neither skiers nor snow to carve to be found. So, I thought I would go up to campus and find a picnic table that someone had carved into. High schoolers do that, right? Well, apparently not. Every picnic table I came across was in pristine condition. Hmmm ... How about the artist who carved her name into the bottom of my favorite coffee mug ... it's really more etched than carved, though. Then I remembered that we have this. Have you seen these? They are made by a company called "Willow Tree." Little figures carved out of wood. Willow wood? I don't know.

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