Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 26: Book by Missy


books. if you would've talked to any one of my friends this time last year, one of the things they would have told you about me is that i'm NOT a reader... i didn't do books. i can read... i just never really chose to do it in my free time... that is until the movie 'twilight'... the day after the movie opened i went and bought the book and finished it in less than a week, just in time to see the film a second time in less than a week... i've read the twilight series and am about 100 pages from completing the sookie stackhouse series, well, until the new one comes out next year. i've always enjoyed poetry... this is a shot from one of my fav pablo neruda poems... whatever i put my hand to, whatever i read, i'm completely INTO it... that's what i was going for here with this photo...

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