Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 6: Family by J.

Family fun at lunchtime today. Took a break from work, had some quick Mexican food, played around and took a ton of photos. That's how all Fridays should be.

Larger version.


  1. I really love this J. It's a great idea - the angle and the shadow of the parents with Elle in between is great. This is a keeper. Put it on T-shirts and mugs and sell them to grandparents. I'm not kidding. You will be rich.

    I heartily approve of her Star Wars T-shirt. Teach her to defend herself because when I come to the US I am going to steal all her stuff. A lot of your stuff too. And a few hearts.

  2. Thanks Luke. I'm already printing the mugs now for Christmas gifts. Expect one. Or at least a virtual one.

    Earlier today I asked Elle what was on her shirt, and she said "Dad loves Star Wars".